I graduated from the UNI with a BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis in Photography.  Returning to Dubuque after college I was drawn to the midwestern lifestyle, scenery, and architecture that I grew up around.


Giving a new perspective to things that people see everyday, I enjoy taking photographs of the ordinary and creating an image that is striking to look at.  Always curious, whether I’m home in Dubuque or traveling I focus on new line combinations and texture to make an engaging composition.


With lifestyle photography I get to capture moments of love starting with the beginning of life, to falling in love, to growing a family, to starting a new business adventure, to graduations and special events that make life worth living. I adore capturing these moments to make record of how sweet life can be.  

When photographing I strive to frame my work around seeing the world as one has never seen it before.
If this resinates with you get a hold of me and let's create something worth remembering.